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This week’s shiny new Top Gear telly episode - which airs at 8pm on BBC Two on Sunday 22 February in the UK, and at other times in other parts of the world - witnesses the completion of the holy triumvirate.

After Jeremy and Richard last year got behind the respective wheels of the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918, Sunday sees James tackle arguably the biggest of the hybrid hypercar bunch: LaFerrari.

This is your Top Episode 5 trailer

Yes, it’s Captain Slow versus one of the very fastest road cars in history, Italy’s 950bhp petrol-electric masterpiece. May headed to the hills above Maranello to test out the Ferrari TheFerrari on its home turf, and it’s fair to say he returned more than a little shaken.

Top Gear magazine test: LaFerrari vs 918 vs P1

As you’ll see from our exclusive behind-the-scenes gallery, recorded at rehearsals and filming for Episode 5, the LaFerrari joins the P1 and 918 on our studio floor. This isn’t, we must make clear, the occasion upon which all three hypercars will settle the ‘who’s fastest’ dispute once and for all with a lap of our test track - though Jeremy’s right now trying to make that happen - but it does give the boys a chance to have a proper barney about which they prefer.

But there’s far more to Episode 5 than just LaFerrari. Sunday’s show also sees Richard pit the new Corvette against Porsche’s Cayman GTS, a battle of American muscle against German precision.

Twin test: Corvette C7 vs Jaguar F-Type

Not wanting to miss out on such a celebration of horsepower, Jeremy gets in on the act too, driving, um, an old Peugeot of some sort. Mostly into other Peugeots.

X-Factor silver medallist and professional cheery chap Olly Murs - who we’re informed is on tour RIGHT NOW - is our Star In A Reasonably Priced Car, attempting to do damage to Aaron Paul’s Astra lap record. You’ll have to tune in on Sunday to find out how he got on, but safe to say Mr Murs didn’t have much luck trying to coax a smile from Dr Stiggington.

Have a click through our bumper-sized behind-the-scenes gallery to discover everything that went down in the studio, on track and filming on location. And feel free to insert your own hilarious captions in the comment box below…

Pictures: Rod Fountain, Ellis O’Brien and Mark Yeoman

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