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More pics from Sunday’s Top Gear

  1. Slash, strutting atop our indestructible Toyota Hilux, playing out our humble little theme tune in a cloud of smoke: barring a few explosions and some fireworks, it’s safe to say series 18 of Top Gear ended on a high note (A#, if we’re not mistaken).

    We had 2007 F1 world champion Kimi Räikkönen, the ballistic new BMW M5, the chaps trying their hardest at Rallycross, and of course, Mr Slash.

    To keep you bubbling over, we’ve got some more shots from Sunday’s season finale, and of course, keep this page of the Internet gaffer-taped to your computer because we’ll have more fun stuff from the show in the coming days and weeks.

    Once you’ve perused this gallery, hop, skip or jump over to our Facebook page and tell us, which has been your favourite episode this season?

    Photos: Mark Yeoman

  2. You can’t get away with leather trousers because You Are Not Slash

  3. He’s perhaps better at guitar-ing than driving

  4. Lesser-known-and-possibly-highly-untrue-fact 1: Slash’s Top Hat contains powdered milk, some Fruit Pastilles and three different types of cheese

  5. Stig doesn’t see a ‘Slash’, he just sees the opening riff to Sweet Child O’ Mine

  6. In his favour, it was rather wet

  7. Negotiations for ‘who’s going on the lunch run’ hit a standstill

  8. Two Teutonic titans take to our track

  9. The BMW M5 continues its War On Tyres

  10. “……”

  11. Kimi is walking

  12. Kimi is smiling

  13. Kimi is pointing

  14. Kimi is waving

  15. Jeremy kindly points out there is a gentlemen in the audience who may or may not have stolen one of James’ shirts

  16. Lesser-known-and-possibly-highly-untrue-fact 2: Slash can teleport himself and his Top Hat from one destination to the next via a big cloud of smoke

  17. All is well with the world: Slash is smiling

  18. We Are Not Worthy

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