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The Stig: as you’ve never seen before

  1. Some say he can swim seven lengths underwater, and that he has webbed buttocks. All we know is he was spotted snorkelling at the Top Gear Festival Barbados

  2. #Banksy

  3. Some say he features on high value stamps in Sweden

  4. Some say Stigcoin is a real currency

  5. Some say it’s an £80 fine if you’re caught using it

  6. Some say he likes to mark his territory

  7. Some say he too has a penchant for cheesemaking

  8. Some say he only missed out on the part because he attempted to ‘unpeel’ the Blue Power Ranger…

  9. Some say the Liana can manage more than six laps without engine failure

  10. Some say he’s seen by the Greeks as a god

  11. Some say… he had a hand in building the Ancient Egyptian pyramids.

  12. Some say he keeps a record of every lap time he’s set

  13. Some say he’s opened his own pub but only serves unleaded beer


  15. Some say he loved the bearskin but was rubbish at following orders

  16. Some say he features in new moon landing evidence

  17. Some say he was created from a giant Airfix kit

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