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We're back! Behind the scenes on show one

  1. Yes, we’re back!

    A damp and rainy day greeted the crew as they returned for series 21 to the top secret Top Gear test track (just off the A281 near Guildford, and now featured in full on Google Street View). But puddles couldn’t quell the excitement in the air, not least from Hammond when he realised that Hugh Bonnevllle, aka Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey, was taking to the track in our Vauxhall Astra Techline. It’s his very favourite television show, you know.

    Click on for a glimpse behind the scenes at the making of show one, and we’ll see you on Sunday, 2 February, 8pm as usual on BBC Two…

    Pictures: Mark Yeoman / BBC

  2. James wrangles with life’s big question. Steak and ale or chicken and mushroom?

  3. Jeremy talks James and Richard through the noses of 2014’s F1 cars. First up, Lotus.

  4. Continuing his F1 lesson, Jeremy now articulates the 2014 Sauber

  5. Nerrr nerr nerr nerr nerr nerr nerrr, nananana narrrr

  6. Despite the advertising, attendance at this year’s show filming was underwhelming

  7. Hugh Bonneville attempts to find a soul in there…

  8. …fails

  9. As Petula Clark never sang, “Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, and go Downton”

  10. … — – . / … .- -.– / …. . / .— ..- … - / -.. .-. .- -. -.- / - …. . / -.-. — -. - . -. - … / — ..-. / - …. .- - / -… — .– … . .-.

  11. Reasonably priced car, but was Bonneville reasonably fast on the track? Tune in at 8:00pm on Sunday to find out…

  12. Hugh Bonneville slips concierge Clarkson a fiver to say thanks for the good seats.

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