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Toyota news - Tokyo Madness: Toyota RiN and Hi-CT - 2007

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Toyota has taken the slightly bemused Frankfurt reaction to the tiny, pug-faced IQ as cue to unleash a host more left-field concepts on the Tokyo show.

First up is the RiN, a milkfloat-inspired concept that Toyota says focuses on ‘increased comfort and serene, healthy living’.

How? With a comfy interior and something called ‘mood-training steering control’, which gauges the driver’s disposition and changes the colour of the cabin accordingly. The green glasshouse filters out ultraviolet and infrared light, while heated seats maintain good posture.

All of which, says Toyota, will create a feeling a harmony within the RiN’s occupants. So long as they ignore the quizzical stares from passers-by, that is.

Toyota is also set to unveil the Hi-CT which, as far as we can tell, is pronounced as a hiccup. Another of the ever-expanding crop of cool, youth-lifestyle concepts to debut in Tokyo, the Hi-CT is described as an ‘edgy, urban vehicle’.

Powered by a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, the Hi-CT features a rear deck with a removable storage unit - which Toyota says can be filled with surfboards, bicycles and other such items of sports leisure as beautiful young things might possess. Yo-yos and disco hoppers, perhaps.

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