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Behold: the incredible drifting Toyota Hilux

Vehicle of choice for the war-torn, the Hilux is now a sideways superstar

As you well know, an old-shape Toyota Hilux is the most indestructible car in the world. No matter if you decide to drown it, torch it, crash it, pummel it or simply drop it from outer space, with a turn of a key it’ll fire back up and chug along minding its own business.

But aside from being the weapon of choice for apocalypse militias, the mighty pick-up has added another string to its bow. A string of slammed, sideways-ness thanks to Aussie drifter Nigel Petrie.

Bored of the normal scene of ratty Silvias and Skylines, Nige decided to take a 2001 Hilux and turn it into a competition-spec drift car. As you can see from the video above, the level of detail encompassed within this project is a thing of beauty.

It’s a gorgeous bespoke tubular spaceframe chassis cloaked in the simplistic flow-coated Toyota Superwhite body of the original, an SR20DET engine attached to a six-speed sequential ‘box, a one-off suspension set up (giving a ground-to-floor clearance of 70mm), pristine in-built air jacks and a solidly-mounted diff with a mechanical two-way LSD inside it. And that’s literally about it.

With 359bhp, a healthy slug of torque and armfuls of steering lock, this drifting pickup can cut shapes like no other Hilux on the planet. Cool, eh?

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