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This gnarly VW Amarok truck is ‘built for your inner child’

And this, boys and girls, is the Germans’ idea of a lifted, toughed-up bro-dozer

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America, be afraid. Germany wants you to know that America does not have a safe monopoly on turning humble pick-up trucks into butch, high-riding symbols of virile masculinity and brawn.

This VW Amarok is the work of German outfit Delta4x4. What do you need to know about Delta4x4? Well, here’s the mission statement: “Delta4x4 builds cars for men who have no problem connecting with their inner child. For all those out there that grew up as kids with bloodied noses and scraped knees.”

Crikey. This thing sounds like it’ll give you a Chinese burn and push you over if you look at it the wrong way.

Even the name sounds like it was dreamt up by a nine year old: the VW Amarok ‘Beast Conversion’. You’re wondering what exactly it comprises, besides a literal truckload of attitude, aren’t you? Well, allow us to enlighten you.

This Amarok has been boosted with a 100mm lift kit, and heavy-duty Bilstein suspension. The tyres and wheels are ‘Icelandic’ spec, and are so massive they require 200mm of wheelarch extensions to be bolted to the side. Then there’s the predictable light bar and “side bars made of the finest stainless steel.” The finest.

You don’t have to spec the whole ‘Beast’, oddly enough. You can just pay €2,000 for the lift kit, or €4,500 for the wheels and not bothering spending €1800 on the Bilstein shocks.

But that would make your inner child sad, wouldn’t it?

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