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Behold! TG’s top 20 family cars in the US

There are many types of families and thus all different sorts of family cars. In no particular order, here are some of our favorites

Ford Maverick
  • Subaru Outback

    Subaru Outback

    What started as a station wagon version of the Legacy sedan has gone on to be a pillar of Subaru’s strategy for decades. The utility of a wagon blended with Subie’s signature toughness has made it a must-have for SUV-averse families who like to go off the grid once in a while. Perhaps its only downside is that it’s about as Australian as the steakhouse that shares its name. Crikey.

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  • Honda CR-V

    Honda CR-V

    Honda’s CR-V is a platonic example of a family crossover: enough utility and convenience for your brood, wrapped in an easygoing package. Along with the affordable price, the CR-V gets high marks for its quiet ride and reliability too. It’s not a stunner or particularly fun to drive, but it gets the job done.

  • Range Rover Evoque

    Range Rover Evoque

    People tend to disregard the Evoque for various (sometimes weird) reasons, but the diminutive SUV is a proper entry point into the Range Rover lifestyle. It’s still pricey, but it’s more attainable than the Velar and more elegant than the Discovery. All the while, it’s a stellar city car that can handle a bit of rough if it needs to.

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  • Honda Accord

    Honda Accord

    The once prolific four-door sedan segment is still clinging on, raging against the tide of SUVs flooding the market. Honda’s Accord is one of the frontline fighters, doing what it can by being a dependable, affordable four-door with all the bells and whistles. It’s hard to fault, but you’ll still only buy one with your head rather than your heart.

  • Toyota Camry

    Toyota Camry

    Like microplastics, the Camry has been so widespread for so long, we probably have bits of it in our blood. Call it generic, dull, or more of an appliance than a car, but the Camry is almost unassailable when it comes to serving its owners for a substantial lifespan. If you’ve tuned them out, you’ll be interested to know the new one is actually quite nice.

  • Lexus NX

    Lexus NX

    The NX can be summed up as a dressier RAV4, which is not a diss to either. Sometimes, you want a little bit more glam in your family ride. That said, the underpinnings are more than up to the task of moving you and your relations around and there are many configurations to choose from, including an F-Sport model for more fun.

  • Subaru Forester

    Subaru Forester

    Like a Tupperware with wheels, the Forester is indispensable when it comes to taking things out into the wilderness for an afternoon. Even when you’re keeping things on the road, this affordable SUV is solid enough to deal with the daily rigamarole. It’s got as much cargo space as it does rubber cladding, which is loads.

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  • Chrysler Pacifica

    Chrysler Pacifica

    Like the station wagon that came before it, the minivan segment was heavily stigmatized as a family vehicle and as such, not ‘cool’. But being useful often tops being cool, and that’s the best way to describe the Chrysler Pacifica. This well thought out car is equipped to keep families of all sizes content while on the go. The Pacifica is so good at what it does, it’s essentially the only thing keeping the Chrysler brand alive.

  • Audi S5 Sportback

    Audi S5 Sportback

    There are certain things you have to give up when it’s time to start a family. One of the first is relinquishing your “cool” car for something more practical. For anyone holding on to that part of their life by their fingertips, the Audi S5 Sportback is a great way to go. With four-doors, quattro capabilities, and nearly 350hp to play with, it's set for both work and play.

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  • Ford Maverick

    Ford Maverick

    The Ford Maverick caused a lot of forehead-slapping “why didn’t we think of that?” from automakers and customers alike. The Mav’s compact stature and truck bed utility has been a dream for folks who desire a pickup’s capabilities without the hassle of driving a five-ton behemoth. On top of that, it seats four just as well as a comparable compact sedan. The price ain’t bad, either.

  • Volvo XC40

    Volvo XC40

    Volvo’s crossover is the right size for almost every need and isn’t astronomically expensive. The classy Swede is tidy in its design and capable for both city life and the occasional trip off the beaten path. It’s also laden with the signature Volvo level of safety, something essential for family car shoppers.

  • Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

    Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

    What more can you ask for from a car? The Taycan Cross Turismo is an all-electric station wagon that would put most supercars to shame, and it can take the family and their shopping along for the ride at the same time. You can’t put a price on the ultimate luxury family car. Oh wait, yes you can. And Porsche reckons it’s very high indeed.

  • Polestar 2

    Polestar 2

    Polestar’s second car and first fully-fledged EV just hits right. It drives well, the interior is nice, and if it were any more handsome it’d be a Hollywood A-lister. Drive one and you’re sure to like it too, just make sure you’ve got time to fiddle with the manually adjustable dampers.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    The Grand Cherokee is a full-fat off-roader with all the trimmings. The unmatched capabilities of the Jeep brand make this a winner for families who live on the outskirts of town, but even if yours doesn’t it can handle the urban wilderness with just as much confidence. There’s even a hybrid model for electrified overlanding.

  • Volkswagen ID.7

    Volkswagen ID.7

    There was a time where the ID.7 would be lauded as the electric sedan we’ve been waiting for, but these days it’s overshadowed by more dynamic and interesting vehicles in its segment. It’s still a very competent, spacious sedan and a decent EV. It’s just a shame VW is asking way too much for one.

  • Hyundai Sonata

    Hyundai Sonata

    Internally, Hyundai used to have a saying that if the Sonata is doing well, then so is the company. We’re not sure how true that is today, but given that the car is still at the forefront of the affordable four-door sedan segment, we’ll go with it. Sure, it’s had its ups and downs in the looks department (haven’t we all), but the current one is quite striking and still starts beneath $30k.

  • Hyundai Tucson

    Hyundai Tucson

    As the most popular modern family vehicle, the SUV has dominated the industry thanks to its utility and versatility. Many make an appearance on this list, and the Hyundai Tucson is a prime example of why. Affordable and packed with creature comforts, the Tucson is equipped to handle daily chores while providing ample family and cargo room. Toss in a bit of extra ruggedness for when the path ahead is sloppy or unpaved, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of Hyundai’s best-sellers.

  • BMW iX

    BMW iX

    It’s weird! It’s ugly! It’s amazing? Bimmer’s EV SUV is all of these things and more. The iX informs much of what you’d call the company’s current ‘DNA’ in terms of exterior and interior design, electric performance and capability. It’s got a hefty amount of range and is a brilliant place to spend your commute… not that interesting to drive, though.

  • Toyota RAV4

    Toyota RAV4

    The RAV4 is one of Toyota’s best sellers for a reason. The mid-size SUV is a solid all-rounder for families in the city or out in rural areas. There’s also a full range of gas-powered and hybrid models to cover everyone’s needs. Along with that, the price doesn’t skyrocket when features are tacked on.

  • Mercedes G-Class

    Mercedes G-Class

    You want a family car that’s rugged, capable and luxurious? Look no further than the famed Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Now in both gas and electric, the Gelandewagen is ready to tackle the hills, be them steep, tall or Beverly. Whatever your family makeup is, the G-Wagen will handily take care of your automotive needs.

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