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We’re sorry. We know we shouldn’t get so excited every time a hyperactive design student draws up some impossible-to-build futuristic concept. But we do. So there.

This is the Cadillac Word Thorium Fuel Concept, a nuclear-powered futuremobile from designer Loren Kulesus. As you might have noticed, that name can be handily abbreviated to ‘WTF concept’ an acronym that – in the world of the internet at least – stands for What The, er, Heck. We assume Mr Kulesus was well aware of this.

So what is it? The Cadillac WTF is powered by thorium, a slightly radioactive metal that can be used as a nuclear fuel. WTF?

There’s more weirdness: those deep-dish wheel-things aren’t standard tyres, but instead each consist of six individual mini-wheels powered by their own induction motor. WTF?

This, says Kulesus, would mean that the WTF would never need a fresh set of tyres, which is obviously good news for the environment. Unlike 24 separate induction motors, which probably aren’t.

So what can we expect next from Kulesus? The Chevy IMHO? The Pontiac ROFL? The Corvette LOLacopter? Oh dear. We’re making internet-jokes. Time to stop.

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