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The Camaro ZL1 will do over 200mph*

*With the wind behind it. Official top speed now stands at 198mph – which is still fast

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A couple of months ago, Chevrolet made us go ‘woah’ when its new 650 bhp Camaro ZL1 posted a 7m 29.60s around the Nordschleife. That’s faster than many fast things, including both the Koenigsegg CCX and CCR. So we knew in the hands of the right handyman it was fast.

Plus, when we drove the ten-speed auto, monster muscle car for ourselves, Chevy handed us a laminated spec sheet with other fast facts on it. Facts like 0-60 mph seen off in 3.5 seconds, a quarter mile downed in 11.4 seconds at 127 mph, corner Gs at 1.02g and the ability to stop from 60mph to a standstill in 35 metres. Yet there was one glaring omission: the ZL1’s top speed.

Today, we have an answer: 198mph. Which is fast. Very fast. But, with the wind behind it, that supercharged LT4 motor powered to 202.3 mph. Which is faster still. Of course, to make a run official the ZL1 had to run the huge 7.6-mile High Speed Oval at a German proving ground in both directions. Clocking 202.3 mph in one direction, then 193.3 mph in the other, the ZL1’s official top speed stands at 198mph when you compensate for wind speed, and the average.

So if you needed some pub ammo to go with your new $65k purchase, now you’ve got it. Unfortunately, we can’t supply you the necessary bravery (nor closed off stretch of road) to keep the throttle pinned for that long if you do actually want to hit its top speed. You’re on your own for that one.

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