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Chevrolet Aveo news - Aveogodno - 2008

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Quite unlike the lovely Maserati GranTurismo, the Chevy Aveo is a car that needs all the help it can get in the visuals department. Well, in most departments, in truth, but the looks aren’t a bad place to start.

Unless you go and do something like this. No, this isn’t the work of some tartrazine-addled teenager with a Halfords loyalty card, but instead comes straight from GM’s own factory customisation program in Abu Dhabi.

Which, as far as we can tell, caters exclusively for people whose eyes have been put in back-to-front.

If you think the outside’s bad (really, guys? Red flame stripes? Come on now), trust us: it’s even worse on the inside. How does red felt trim and quilted leather seats work for you? How much would you have to be paid to actually get into this thing?

Think you could do better? Or worse, maybe? Take a look all the stunning customisation options.

Actually, don’t. Take a look at this instead…

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