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Dodge ACR news - Viper ACR: ACR sold out

Put away your chequebooks: the Dodge Viper ACR – the $105,000, track-ready, stripped-out super snake with an 8.4-litre V10 up front – is sold out.

Now we’re really confused. Every day there’s another report of falling sales and lay-offs in the car world. But, it seems, if you build a stunning uneconomical, furiously expensive supercar, you won’t be able to sell ‘em fast enough.

Just in case you’d forgotten exactly how ridiculous the ACR is, let us remind you. Take a giant V10 putting out 600-odd bhp, drop it in the front of a Viper, and then strip out literally everything that’s not absolutely vital: no radio, no market, no sound deadening, no nothing.

Oh, and then chuck in giant brakes, a Boeing 747-spec adjustable rear wing and a whole bunch of aero stuff, and you’ve got a car that’ll generate 450-odd kilograms of downforce at 150mph, and pull 1.5g in the corners. Yowch.

Anyhow, it’s all a bit arbitrary, because you can’t buy one. They’re all gone: market analysts reckon that prospective buyers are snapping them up as a potential future investment opportunity. So don’t expect to see too many on your local high street – they’ll all be ferreted away in humidor-fitted underground garages.

Nonetheless, manufacturers: take heed from the Aston One-77, the Caterham Levante and the Ferrari California: the solution to your financial woes is to ditch the budget green stuff and start building super-pricey supercars. Just another bit of sensible advice from Top Gear…

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