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Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang news - Air Force Two - 2009

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As recruitment programmes go, this sure beats handing out leaflets at a careers fair.
These pair of modified muscle cars have been commissioned by the US Air Force to encourage fresh-faced sophomores (which TG always though was some sort of long-distance communication system, but never mind) to sign up with Uncle Sam to defend the Star Spangled Banner.

The stealthy black thing is a modified Dodge Challenger named ‘Vapor’, while the shiny white monster is a Ford Mustang dubbed ‘X-1’.

If we had to take just one… well, it’s a tough decision. We love the radar-absorbing matte black paintjob (honest, we’re not making that up) of the Challenger - and the carbon fibre wheels, and the 360-degree roof-mounted thermal imaging camera - but just take a look at the cabin of the Mustang.

It’s a bloody jet fighter! It’s got a joystick! And an ejector seat! And, er, loads of buttons and screens that definitely do important things related to explosions!

Yep, we think we’re edging towards the Mustang. Especially with its six-inch-wide bodykit (that’s six inches on either side) and nitro-assisted, 500bhp V8.

Which one would you take? 

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