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Saturday 9th December

The future of Fisker: Alaska pickup, cute little Pear, Ronin sports car, and an off-road Ocean

Henrik Fisker’s electric startup reveals its plans for the next few years

Published: 04 Aug 2023

Now that deliveries of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV are finally underway, the electric vehicle maker is looking full speed ahead to the future. At its very illustrious-sounding Product Vision Day event in Huntington Beach, California on Thursday night, Fisker showed the next round of products that’ll (hopefully) launch in the coming years: the Alaska pickup truck, subcompact Pear, and the Ronin sports car, along with a tough-looking version of the Ocean SUV, called the Force E.

Fisker’s goal? To someday build over a million vehicles per year. Sure; no pressure.

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Fisker Alaska: extendable pickup with an enormous cup holder

The Alaska seems like the next logical step in Fisker’s evolution, since (1) America loves pickup trucks and (2) this one shares its architecture with the existing Ocean SUV. It’s a cool-looking midsize truck that packs a number of nifty features, the most novel of which is a drop-down midgate – the company calls this the Houdini Door – that lets the bed extend into the cabin, elongating the standard load length from 4.5 feet to an impressive 9.2 feet. It’s a grower, not a shower, if you catch our drift.

Fisker says the Alaska will be the world’s lightest and most sustainable electric pickup truck, and – weird flex – that it has the largest cup holder ever offered in a production car (how American). No specifics were given, but Fisker estimates the Alaska will have a driving range of anywhere between 230 and 340 miles, depending on configuration.

Because the Alaska shares its platform with the Ocean, it’s the one Fisker believes it can execute on the quickest, and company CEO/namesake Henrik Fisker says he wants the truck to be ready by the end of 2024, with the first deliveries taking place in 2025. In the US, the Alaska is expected to be priced from $45,400, and Fisker says it’ll be built in the States, as well, making the truck eligible for a federal tax credit of $7,500.

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Fisker Pear: a sub-$30,000 EV with seating for six

Here’s a fun anecdote: Fisker says the Pear EV will have a slide-out compartment up front called the “front boot", or “fruit". Pear. Fruit. Get it?

In less punny matters, Fisker hopes to sell the compact Pear EV for as little as $29,900, and the company says this one will also be built in the US, meaning tax incentives could theoretically bring the starting price down to a super-low $22,500. That’s cheaper than a Honda Civic.

The Pear is a low, wide hatchback with an upright stance, and Fisker proved that this EV can seat six passengers by having it drive out on stage with six of the company’s employees shoehorned inside. Rather than a traditional liftgate for the hatch, the Pear has a slide-down rear end similar to the Alaska’s midgate, which Fisker says will make this little guy easier to load up in low-clearance garages and parking decks.

Fisker hopes to bring the Pear to market by mid-2025, but since this one rides on a completely new platform, there’s a lot to be done before that timeframe can be considered even remotely realistic. Also, are we the only ones that keep wanting to pronounce “Fisker Pear” like “Hüsker Dü?”

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Fisker Ronin: only slightly less realistic than the movie

Fisker teased the Ronin sports car previously, but Thursday’s event in Huntington Beach gave us our first actual glimpse at what the production car could look like. Still very much a concept – as in, the show car doesn’t actually have an interior – the Ronin is a four-door, five-passenger convertible with a carbon fiber folding roof.

The Ronin's specs would've sounded like the stuff of vaporware years ago, but today, these wild numbers aren't too far fetched. Fisker says the Ronin will have three electric motors producing more than 1,000hp combined, and it'll come with all-wheel drive, allowing this EV to hit 60 mph in two seconds flat. The only eyebrow-raising detail Fisker divulged about the Ronin is that the sports car will have a 600-mile driving range. Consider us skeptical of that one.

When will we see the road-going Ronin? That’s very much TBD. All we know is that Fisker says this convertible will be “ultra-luxury priced” (read: very expensive) and will be “built in limited quantities” (read: not very many). Fisker calls the Ronin its “technology carrier” and future flagship, yet at the same time, it seems like the one least likely to make it to production. Fingers crossed.

Fisker Ocean Force E: for all you off-road-y types

The last bit of Fisker’s future product offensive is a neat little upgrade package for the Ocean called the Force E. This isn’t a standalone, purpose-built off-roader – it’s an upfit for the current Ocean, and Fisker says it can either be ordered like this as a new car, or can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles.

The highlights? Massive 33-inch all-terrain tires wrapping 20-inch wheels, skid plates, wheel arch extensions, extra lights, recovery hooks, and a huge, aerodynamic-killing roof basket that’ll almost certainly tank the Ocean’s electric driving range. Look for this one to become available in early 2024.

And now, a very big grain of salt

We’ll admit, seeing the Fisker product portfolio like this kind of reminds us of when former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar unveiled six concept cars at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. None of those concepts ever came to fruition, but hey, the smorgasbord of Lotuses sure got everyone talking.

Fisker’s track record is certainly better, though Henrik’s multiple business ventures over the past few decades have hardly been successful. Still, we hope Fisker’s incredibly ambitious plans are realized, and in a timely fashion, too. Purposeful pickups and low-cost electric hatchbacks have mega appeal as EV adoption increases.

And that Ronin, well, it just looks hella cool.

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