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Late last year, reputed Mustang-modder Saleen teased us with a render of its upcoming 302 ‘Black Label’ Mustang. That car was originally slated to get 640bhp, but having hit print on the Photoshop file and made the car a reality, Saleen has found the power figure has swollen to a healthy 730bhp. Excellent news.

That additional 90bhp makes the power gulf between the Black Label and the stock V8 Mustang a near-on 300bhp. That’s a lot. And quite an achievement, as the Saleen uses the same ‘Coyote’ block as all other V8 Mustangs, albeit enhanced with a twin-screw supercharger. Torque? About 600 lb ft. Enough.

To handle the extra oomph, the chassis has been overhauled. To the new Stang’s independent suspension, Saleen S4 springs, shocks, swaybars, and bushings have been added, so the ‘Black Label’ can be set up for road or track.

According to Saleen, the car can achieve ‘hyperspeed’. We’re not exactly sure what hyperspeed equates to in an imperial unit of speed, but we do know that 15-inch dimpled rotors and multi-piston brakes bring the car back down from it with ease.

Downforce has increased by stretching and widening the proportions of the car. The front’s been extended by an inch and a half, the rear gaining an extra two inches. A classic Saleen rear wing has then been plonked on top to balance the downforce created by that gaping front splitter. Carbon fibre bits marginally lighten the kerbweight to 1678kg, which, in the grand scheme of weight saving, is the equivalent of throwing a couple of deckchairs off the Titanic.

Inside, there’s black leather and suede seats, a new stacked gauge cluster, heritage steering wheel and plenty of badging and stickers to remind you’re in something a bit more special than stock.

If 730bhp is too much go for you, Saleen also offers a ‘White Label’ Mustang with a measly 450bhp, thanks to new fuel injectors, some changes to the engine’s breathing and a more aggressive exhaust. You don’t want that one. You want this one.

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