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Top Gear dream car news - Happy New Year from Top Gear - 2009

Happy New Year! May your year be prosperous, your hair luxuriant and your doors not cynically keyed by a bunch of jealous scallies.

What are you hoping for in 2009? A pay rise? A promotion? The accidental yet irreversible muting of Simon Cowell?

Here’s all the stuff we want to see in 2009. Half of it won’t happen, but who knows what’ll happen if we all wish hard enough? Not much, probably. Still, it’s nice to dream…

Citroen GT concept: Go on, Citroen. You know it looks great on the Playstation, so make the GT concept thingy for real. Please? Pretty please?

Dodge Challenger SRT10: Dodge showed off this in concept form at the SEMA show. It has the 600bhp V10 out of the Viper. It eats tyres. We see no reason not to build this. What economic downturn?

A hotter Scirocco: OK, this one might actually happen, likely with a tuned-up version of the Scirocco’s two-litre turbo petrol rather than the V6 originally rumoured. A bit like this Studie concept, then?

Hyundai Genesis Coupe: It’s not a question of whether Hyundai will build this – it already has – but rather whether it’ll reach the UK or not. Look hard at yourselves, Hyundai, and we think you’ll find you know the answer to this one.

Aston One-77: We wish we owned one. OK, they’ve already been sold – and that million quid asking price might have ruled us out a little bit – so let’s just wish that someone lets us have a go. A long go. Six months or so, maybe…

Estoque: What’s not to love about a four-door Lambo supercar? They might even do it in diesel flavour, just to really confuse all those purists. We’ll take ours in matte black, please.

Honda FC Sports Study: Essentially the FCX Clarity wrapped up in a wedge-shaped body, this’d be the work of minutes for Honda to sort out. OK, maybe a bit longer than minutes. But they’ve got plenty of spare time now they’re out of F1, haven’t they?

A hotter KTM X-Bow: a bit like this effort from MTM, maybe? We know that engine is proper tunable, KTM, so go ahead and do the decent thing…

Ford Fiesta ST: The Focus RS has whetted our appetite for hot Fords. And the new Fiesta is a cracker. All it needs now is a boosty little turbo and a damp B-road…

So there you go. That’s everything that’s going to happen in 2009 when Top Gear seizes control of the world in a friendly, utterly undemocratic coup. Will you join us? 

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