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Used cars

Check out these sub-£2k used car bargains we found this week

From vintage saloons to still ULEZ-compliant hot hatches, here's something for everyone

Honda Civic Type R
  1. Ford Sport KA

    Ford Sport KA

    As has been the case with several hot Noughties Fords, the Sport KA didn’t gain the recognition it deserved until quite recently. Bright metallic blue bodywork, quirky six-spoke alloys and plenty of curves for some personality. But the best part? It could be yours for just under £1,500. Note: Wayne Rooney not included.

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  2. Audi 80

    Audi 80

    But if the Sport KA feels a fraction too modern and diminutive for your liking, here’s a 30-year-old Audi 80 that’s bang on this week’s budget. The seller has done plenty of work to keep it somewhat up-to-date, but the real drawing point for the 80 is the ruthless reliability they’ve come to be associated with. Looks good too, no?

  3. Mazda RX-8

    Mazda RX-8

    And then there’s a car which generally isn’t known for its reliability, but rather, the addictive 231bhp rotary engine and funky doors. We are, of course, talking about the Mazda RX-8. This one has 52,000 miles to its name, but rust has started to seep beneath the chassis, so that’ll need addressing.

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  4. Audi TT Mk1

    Audi TT Mk1

    We tend to avoid using more than one car per manufacturer in these posts, but had to bypass our own rule so you lot can check out this gorgeous first-gen Audi TT. Four seats, grey upholstery and a manual transmission headline the cabin, while the exterior gets a neat navy blue finish. We don’t blame you for checking your bank balance…

  5. Nissan Figaro

    Nissan Figaro

    Perhaps there was a time when owning a Nissan Figaro wasn't entirely 'optimal', but thankfully, society has since changed its mind. The cutesy beige exterior and cream interior combination of this one has an asking price of exactly two grand. What makes it mildly tempting is that its reconditioned engine has covered just 5,000 miles so far.

  6. Alfa Romeo GTV

    Alfa Romeo GTV

    The Rosso Red paint scheme on this GTV Lusso is still mostly there, which in itself is an achievement. Barring a few chinks in its bodywork, the odd coolant leak from its radiator and the small misfire from its engine, it’s quite simply an Alfa Romeo for a thousand pounds. Even if you don’t intend on fixing and driving it, a quick polish would turn it into a superb lawn ornament, we’d imagine.


  7. Honda Civic Type R

    Honda Civic Type R

    OK, so it’s missing the big rear wing of the full-on Type R, but this ‘GT’ version is still around 200bhp of screeching VTEC goodness. We must warn that the interior doesn’t appear to be in the greatest condition, but that’s to be expected of a car which has covered over 160,000 miles. A bit of reupholstering and you’re all set.

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  8. Citroen C6

    Citroen C6

    One of Citroen’s finest creations. Despite the 17-year age, the C6 still looks gorgeous by today’s standards - particularly that front end. There’s so much detailing going on, and it makes us wonder what today’s world would look like had it been built on more saloons which were styled like this. Citroen-y, possibly.

  9. Skoda Fabia VRS Mk1

    Skoda Fabia VRS Mk1

    Right before our wildcard option, we wanted to throw in at least one more fizzy hot hatch for you to consider: the Mk1 Skoda Fabia VRS. This one has a double layer of black paint and appears to have lost all of its wheel well space, which may affect comfort somewhat. But will you really care when you chuck it head-first into an apex, and discover the generous amounts of grip on tap? We doubt it.

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  10. Wildcard: Ligier Be Up

    Ligier Be Up

    You’d have to be really wild to actually do this, but that’s what makes an engineless Ligier Be Up the perfect solution for this week’s slot. It's left-hand drive, is in ‘average’ condition according to the seller, and is far from the prettiest car ever made. But, for just £1,600, you could have the world staring at you in bewilderment. Or cringe, depending on the town.

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