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Vauxhall Astra news - You call that a cop car? - 2009

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This, Top Gear fans, is the new Vauxhall Turkey. Sorry, ‘Turnkey’.
It’s the latest off-the-shelf rozzer car from GM and, as you’ve probably noticed, it’s also the new Astra. British bobbies have been thrashing around in Astras for years now and as any surburbanite will tell you, a petty crime isn’t a petty crime without the soundtrack of an utterly spanked diesel engine and crap siren.
But this new car is a bit sparklier than usual. Coppers can now choose from three levels of police graphics: half, three-quarter and full.
Half? Surely that means a couple of fluorescent squares and the word ‘Pol’ stuck down the side. Maybe it’s a cost-saving thing. Or maybe it’s just a plan to fool thick criminals.
We reckon they could have gone further. Like the telly boys did with theirs… 

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