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Vauxhall teases new ‘Cascada’ convertible

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Contrary to your initial thoughts, no, we haven’t had a
cack-handed attempt at cropping the image above, that’s really all we’ve been
given about the new Vauxhall.

It is, says the company, the first mid-sized four-seat
Vauxhall convertible since the 1930s - the OE-type 30-98 (image number 3, above). It is also around
70mm longer than an Audi A5 Convertible, with a full length of 4.7m.

And it’s called the ‘Cascada’. The mulleted Europoppers
amongst you will no doubt be familiar with that name.

Anyway, this new Vauxhall is the third new model being
announced this year, following the ‘Adam’ and the ‘Mokka’; a drop-top with a
full-size fabric roof that gives the car “a classy and elegant profile”. We’ll
make our minds up when we see the whole thing, but all we’re being told thus
far is that said roof can be deployed at speeds of up to 30mph.

As mentioned, it’s a step up in size from the Astra TwinTop
of old and marks Vauxhall’s departure from the compact cabrio sector, targeting
bigger stuff. It’s not going to be
displayed at the Paris Motor Show - that’s the Adam’s stomping ground - but will
be ready for an early 2013 on-sale date. And ahead of Vauxhall’s other new
models - the Vauxhall ‘2 Unlimited’, the Vauxhall ‘Eiffel 65’ and the upcoming
Vauxhall ‘Haddaway’*, tell us your thoughts on a medium-sized Vauxhall
convertible, below.

*Probably untrue, but
we live in hope

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