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Video: watch a monster truck do a handstand

Tyler Menninga uses 1,500bhp (and skill) to turn Grave Digger into a five-ton gymnast

For us puny humans – especially malcoordinated lanky ones – handstands are tricky manoeuvres at the best of times. Now think about trying it in a car. Impossible, right? Especially when said ‘car’ is a three-metre wide, three-metre tall, five-tonne, 1,500 horsepower monster truck.

Prepare to be amazed then, as ‘Grave Digger’ monster truck driver Tyler Menninga did exactly that. At the Cedar Rapids round of Monster Jam, Tyler Menninga decided to get behind the wheel and do a balancing act that would put Simone Biles to shame, just to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks. He inverted the legendary monster truck on its front wheels and held it balanced with the throttle and forward and reverse gears for nearly a minute. Now that’s a recipe for a serious rush of blood to the head.

‘Grave Digger’ – probably the most influential and iconic monster truck of all time – is celebrating its 35th birthday this year. For over three decades this famous black and green 1950 panel van-bodied beast has been stoking up crowds with its ability to jump, flip and squash anything in its way like some sort of destructive, four-wheeled Capoeira dancer. Never before has it gone full gymnast, though.  

In the process of shuffling back and forth for said minute, Tyler managed to set a new record for a monster truck handstand (we didn’t know it existed either)… before face planting it into the floor. Which is exactly how our last handstand ended up. Check it out for yourself in the video above…

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