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Biker does burnout in kitchen

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Many believe that motorbicyclists are a bit… strange in the head: that the desire to wrap yourself in cow-skin and climb atop a wobbly, fast machine that prefers to lie on its side rather than stand upright indicates the absence of an important part of one’s brain.

Top Gear, of course, does not subscribe to such a view. Bikists are sensible, rational individuals, and any attempt to paint them as sense-deficient loons is frankly narrow-minded.

Which is why there’s no doubt an entirely legitimate reason why this biker is performing a burnout on his Suzuki GSXR… in his kitchen.

Maybe he’s purchased a side of salmon that requires immediate hot smoking. Maybe he’s conscientiously testing his smoke alarms. Maybe there’s a stubborn red wine stain on his floor tiles that simply can’t be shifted any other way.

Whatever the reason, we’re sure it’s a good one. Because doing a burnout in your kitchen just for the sake of it would be… deranged, wouldn’t it?

*Obviously, do not try this at home. It’s quite dangerous

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