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This is how a 180mph spinout feels

In this video you will see a man called Kong Chang spin his 1300bhp, twin-turbocharged 996 Porsche 911. Which doesn’t sound very exciting. But he manages it at an undergarment-ruining 180mph. One hundred and EIGHTY.

Chang was experimenting with the high-boost setup on his car - which is so powerful the dyno could only read 1300bhp before it became too much for the rolling road - at the Texas Invitational high-speed trials. Which is, surprisingly, an invite-only high-speed event held on an old runway in Texas.

Just before 180mph - 179.9mph, to be precise - one of the tyres blows out, and Chang spins 180 degrees right, then 180 degrees left. Chang says: “It spun real fast. I was heading for the grass and I was like ‘dude, I’m not gonna hit that grass. I’m gonna flip.’ So I tried to control it. It was a helluva ride.”

The car only suffered minor bodywork damage, and Chang was unharmed. We doubt we can say the same of his underwear.

Skip to 2:55 for maximum terror. 

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