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This is the luckiest biker you'll see today

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The TG office has been concerned. The seemingly reliable flow of utterly unbelievable Russian dash-cam footage appeared to have dried up a little in recent weeks.

But fear not! Mother Russia is back, and back with a bang.

Click the video above to witness a typical scene from Russia. An unassuming car is playing house music waaaay too loud as it cruises down the motorway. Then, as the electro beat builds to the point of climax… BAM! A speeding biker goes for a gap that’s being filled by a car changing lanes, the bike rear-ends the car, vaulting the biker into the air like a leathery rag doll.

Enter the physics-defying weirdness of Russian Dash-Cam World, as somehow the biker somersaults over the car to land two-footed onto its roof like a ninja cat. Injuries? Zero. Score for artistic interpretation? A perfect ten.

Remember kids, don’t try this at home, and always look out for bikers

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