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This terrifying Isle of Man TT bike save defies logic

How did he stay on the bike? How did he keep racing? Is this proof superpowers exist?

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Perhaps, outside of the Marvel or DC comic universe, proof that superhumans walk among us doesn’t come from spotting people flying through the air, or suspended from spidery silk, or sporting a Lasso of Truth. It comes from moments like this. Yes, we’re back on the Isle of Man for the 2017 TT races. And once again, this 200mph, two-wheeled lunacy has delivered the goods.

Here’s Kawasaki rider James Hillier attacking the corner of the TT course known as Ballagarey, or as the commentators correctly nickname it, Balla-Scary. And, well, just watch the clip. Several times. Words can’t really do justice to the nerve, commitment and sheer balls needed to refuse to drop the bike when it goes out of control like this. 

Not all heroes wear capes, but plenty of them have leathers and kneepads…

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