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Video: 1000bhp RS6 on the snow

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A couple of weeks back we showed you Jon Olsson’s certifiable, 1000bhp Audi RS6 Avant, a DTM-inspired estate with enough power to reverse tectonic movement.

Very nice, you lot said, but tell us this: what does it sound like? And what does it look like smashing through snowbanks in a whiteout, pursued at close quarters by a helicopter?

As luck would have it, we have the very answer to both questions in the shape of this rather lovely little vid, in which Mr Olsson smashes his RS6 through snowbanks in a whiteout, pursued at close quarters by a helicopter.

Olsson, in case you needed reminding, is a professional skier who apparently lives a perpetual energy-drink-advert lifestyle.

As well as throwing himself off hills with nothing but a couple of planks strapped to his legs, the Swede has also developed a rather natty sideline in modifying - and then thrashing - performance cars, usually up mountains, usually sideways.

Last year we saw him blatting his custom-built Rebellion R2K - complete with Audi R8 V10 engine - up a snowy hill, and this year he’s arguably gone even better. Well, at least he’s got space for all his ski-related luggage this time.

Watch, enjoy, turn speakers up to 11, etc. Reckon Audi should release this RS6 as a special edition?

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