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Video: How not to de-snow your car

According to Top Gear maths, it snows at least 366 days a year in Russia. Maybe more. And clearing all that snow off your car every single day can become tiresome. Surely, there must be an easier way?

Enter one enterprising Russian gent, and a usefully powerful stereo system on his Chrysler 300C. Or possibly Dodge Magnum. Turns out that built-in ice scraper Skoda crows on about isn’t what you want at all. You need a very bass-heavy remix of a little ditty called ‘Fuel’ by Metallica [EDIT: apparently it’s actually ‘Turn Down For What’ by one DJ Snake, our bad], and a volume knob that goes way, way past eleven.

Excellent work, Russian sir. Just remember to remove your little one from the car next time your crank up your ‘choonz’ to snowdrift-shattering levels. And don’t forget to protect your own delicate ears.

[UPDATE: Some say this video was filmed in the USA, not Russia as its YouTube description suggests. If so, Top Gear apologises for smearing the good name of Russia’s conscientious, child-friendly snow-scrapers. That’s still one helluva speaker set-up, mind.]

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