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Video: Lambo Huracan crashes at 200mph

Driving at 200mph on a public road isn’t a good idea. Really, it just isn’t. Even if you’re driving a Lamborghini Huracan. Track, runway, drag strip - yep, do your worst. But not on real roads, with real traffic and real squishy humans in the vicinity. It’s going to end badly.

For proof, pray watch this rather chilling on-board footage of the build-up to, and onset of, a truly massive off on a Hungarian highway.

The crash actually occurred back in September of last year, but now Hungarian police have released footage of the incident, taken by the passenger in the Czech Republic-registered Huracan.

It conveniently shows the driver of the lumino-green Huracan accelerating up past indicated speeds of 330kph (205mph) while overtaking on Hungary’s not-exactly-deserted M7 highway. And then… well, you’ll have to watch the video for yourself, but suffice to note it ends with a couple of photos of the aftermath, and they ain’t pretty.

Though, thankfully, there were no fatalities, we’re told the mobile-wielding passenger suffered serious injuries in the crash, and that the 36-year-old driver faces charges of reckless driving and endangerment. The Lambo, needless to say, was a write-off.

Take it easy out there, kids.

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