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Video: man crashes into the Pagani Zonda he's filming

Using a phone while driving is BAD, reason number 472: you'll crash into a Zonda

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Using a mobile phone while driving is a terrible thing to do for more reasons than the internet has space to list.

But on top of the danger you’ll cause yourself, your passengers and other road users, you can add the damage you’ll cause Pagani Zondas. This bloke in Uruguay didn’t heed such warnings, and ploughed straight into the back of the Zonda F he was using his mobile phone to film. Just to really hammer home the offensiveness, he was filming it all in portrait, too.

Now, there’s no footage of the impact, the villain of the story attempting to avoid said impact when it happened. But you hear the sickening touch. There’s even another angle, Premier League replay style, provided by another road user. Who also shouldn’t have been using a phone while driving.

Really, the only winner in this story is the company charging to fix the rear diffuser of a Pagani Zonda F. UK rules could soon see fines for use of phones while driving top out at £1,000. This indiscretion, though, probably cost a fair bit more still…

Just don’t do it. Please.

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