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Video: watch an 800bhp trophy truck tear through Washington

BJ Baldwin is back with ‘Recoil 3’. Stop what you’re doing and turn it up

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Last year, his mission was to simply make it from the city limits of Ensenada, Mexico, to the beach. In 20 minutes. This time around, his brief is to hunt down Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot.

Welcome everyone, to ‘Recoil 3’, BJ Baldwin’s ode to hooning around in a Baja-spec trophy truck. A truck with 800bhp and very squishy, bouncy suspension and little regard for the wellbeing of anyone inside.

Following on from last year’s epic dash through Mexico then, comes Baldwin’s assault on the city of Tacoma, Washington. Tracking down Sasquatch it appears, is made eminently easier with liberal use of 800 horsepower and noise.

Predictably, there are jumps. There are heart-in-the-mouth moments, much donutting and - to use the lexicon of Mr Ken Block - scenes of outright hooniganism.

Come to mention it, Recoil 3’s creative director Brian Scotto and director Ben Conrad both worked on Ken Block’s Gymkhana series, as well as 2014’s Recoil 2. Hence the tyre devastation.

Or not. “The people of Tacoma were really gracious in letting us run wild,” explains Baldwin, “We only used one set of tyres the whole time… even after all the donuts and burnouts.” Yep, just one set of tyres.

Watch the video and see just how unbelievable that sounds.

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