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Video: watch a lorry driver overtake like he's playing Snake II

Dash-cam footage reveals trucking incredible reactions

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If you thought Lewis Hamilton’s spot-microscopic-gap-and-go-for-it overtaking manoeuvres were the ballsiest you’d see this year, prepare to reconsider.

Hit play above to witness the tale of one lorry driver’s lightning-quick reactions and skill behind the wheel.

It all starts when a clumsy van driver brakes too late for a turning on a three-lane motorway.

With nowhere to go and no chance of slowing down, the lorry barrelling along behind has to do something drastic.

No problem, because the driver appears to be a Snake II sensei, avoiding an almighty shunt by slithering his articulated truck through a just-big-enough gap like a boss before coming to a stop.

Anonymous trucker, proudly presents you with our inaugural award for Best Evasive Driving Manoeuvre Of 2015. Keep up the sterling work.

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