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Watch a 2000bhp Jeep obliterate bogs

Were you the child growing up that’d jump two-footed into a mud puddle on a rainy day just to soak your mates? We bet Kenny Miller was. As you’ll see in the video above, the man sure likes to get down and dirty.

As a professional mud-bogger (yep, it’s an actual thing), Kenny now jumps in puddles for a living. Only now it’s not his wellies causing the splash, but his cars. Big, powerful muddy cars.

Thanks to his friends at Farm Jeep Racing, Kenny’s got his grimy hands one of the scariest Jeeps we’ve ever seen. With 64-inch tyres, five-ton axles and a healthy 2000bhp coming from a supercharged engine, this 3682kg behemoth can clear a muddy bog by simply spraying it over the rest of the United States.

Strange they seem to have neglected to fit windscreen wipers, mind. And does anyone else watch this video while imagining Kenny’s mum standing, arms crossed, saying: “Well, you’re not expecting me to clear that up, are you?”

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