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Watch a Jaguar XJ220 set fire to itself

Tyre slaying. It used to be simple bit of cocking about. Now, it’s an artform. If you’re not shutting down the whole of San Francisco to do some big skids, you’ve got to tie two cars together until the rubber’s screaming for mercy. And now, the chaps behind youtube’s elusive ‘Tax the Rich’ channel are back with a new ingredient: fire.

You may remember them from such hits as “Rolls Royce Phantom Doing Ballerina-esque Skids In Someone’s Garden”. Or “The Ferrari Enzo That Thought It Was A WRC Car”. Or the great “Red Vs Yellow Ferrari F50 Tug Of War”. Well, they’re back, and - love it or hate it - as mechanically blasé as ever. 

Here, they take the fastest production Jag in history and do a burnout. But not content with just dropping the clutch, mashing the throttle and holding it on the brakes, the Big Cat also appears to be a fan of self-immolation.

Once the rear wheels are spinning courtesy of the 640bhp twin-turbo V6, they roll the 90s supercar through something flammable - we’re suspecting a puddle of Lynx Africa - igniting a bonfire at the back wheels.

I guess an art critic would say it’s ‘conceptual’. But what’d you call it?

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