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Watch a Rolls Wraith rip up a garden

Published: 30 Sep 2014

Tax the Rich first came to TG's attention when the secretive Brits anonymously uploaded a video of a Rolls Royce Phantom doing lavish skids in a wet field.

But, as Top Gear found out in an exclusive interview recently, it also landed the mysterious duo in a bit of bother.

Apparently the video didn't go down too well with the suited and stiff upper-lipped folk at RR HQ, who felt rallying a Phant was tantamount to sacrilege. At least, they did until TTR's YouTube hits started ticking round into the millions, at which point Rolls suddenly became rather more amenable to the concept.

Which might explain how we once again find Tax The Rich slipping behind the handcrafted wheel of a Roller - this time the new Wraith.

The two-door, £230,000 luxo land yacht is touted as the most ‘sporting' model in the blue-blooded Brits lineup, ‘a debonair gentleman's GT' in Rolls' own words. To Tax The Rich, it's an invitation to go sideways around someone's rather splendid garden.

As you'll see in the video, once the Wraith lowers onto its springs, it loosens up like Jeeves after a Jägerbomb chaser.

After a sharp stab of the throttle into the thick layer of lambswool, the ‘Power Reserve' quickly winds round to 0%. With all 624 horsepowers silently triggered, the 2.3 ton Downton-Abbey-on-wheels swings its arse around plush Palladian outhouses, cedar trees and down a narrow corridor of petunias and fuchsias. It's like Ground Force with added oversteer.

There's even a nice homage to TTR's first video. Firing off road and onto grass - counter-balancing RR centre hubs struggling to keep up - the Spirit of Ecstasy has to tastefully tilt her head 90 degrees as the pinnacle of four-wheeled austerity and elegance engages in one whopper of a drift. Seriously, it's massive. And makes our attempt look a bit... tame.

Now, we're sure this kind of driving will once again leave the internet's brow well and truly ruffled. Should this be celebrated or scorned? Let us know below. And be sure to check out Tax The Rich's previous hits such as, "The Ferrari Enzo That Thought It Was A WRC Car", the great "Red Vs Yellow Ferrari F50 Tug Of War" and "The X220 That Set Fire To Itself" here.

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