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Watch a semi-truck's engine explode through the top of its bonnet

This is as spectacular a mechanical failure as we've ever seen...

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Top tip: a sure fire (ha) sign you’ve overworked your engine is the eruption of smoke and flames as it explodes through your bonnet. And the sudden halting of any forwards motion, plainly. 

That’s precisely what happened at the National Tractor Pulling Championship in Bowling Green, Ohio a couple of months ago to a semi known as “Jacked-Up”, minus, weirdly, a lot of smoke and flames. 

Driver Jack Kielmeyer was at the wheel when, mid-run, the truck’s entire engine exploded outwards and upwards through the top of the bonnet, more or less destroying the truck’s entire front end. Apparently the only bits of the no doubt massive motor left in the engine bay were the crank, rods, and camshaft. Most spectacular mechanical failure you’ve ever seen? 

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