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White Van Man: watch and learn

Among all the dynamic metal we encounter on, white vans built in Luton score fairly low down on the list. So well done to Vauxhall for bringing our attention to its new Vivaro by putting it through its paces in a Bedfordshire warehouse, Ken Block style. 

To be fair to Vauxhall, the stunt isn’t a complete irrelevance. We’ve had an early drive in the new Vivaro, and it’s far better than you’d expect: the top-spec 138bhp twin turbo diesel is excellent. Not 650bhp Ford Fiesta Rallycross excellent, but there’s plenty of punch from the two turbos, and they’re smooth as well.

The biggest revelation is how quiet it is. Honestly, as refined as the most insulated cars, both inside and out. The pleasing upshot: White Van Men, there’s no point you revving the nuts off the thing at the lights anymore, because no-one will be able to hear you.

Things like payload and load length are also important to White Van Men, so here’s some FACTS; these run to a maximum 1,440kg and 4150mm, if you include the FlexCargo Bulkhead. This is an opening under the front passenger seat which allows you to poke long objects all the way through to the front footwell. The Ford Transit has got the same thing, but it doesn’t go quite as far because long pipes can’t be slid all the way through into the cabin. So there you go. 

All in, then, a decent bit of kit, and as a bonus, seemingly capable of J-turns and driving on two wheels. Now back to the supercars… 

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