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Volkswagen Polo GTi concept news - Polo GTi lookalike? - 2009

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Red, it seems, is the colour at this year’s Worthersee meet. Yesterday, we saw an lipsticked Q5 presented at the big Austrian GTI meet, and today VW has followed it up with a brace of crimson tuning jobs.

There’s a Halford-spec Golf GTI with red-rimmed alloys, tarty seats and absolutely no more power. More excitingly, VW is also showing off a Polo concept that, it says, ‘offers an initial impression of how a sport version of the new compact might look’. A Polo GTI concept, in other words.

It doesn’t half look like the Golf, does it? Those 18-inch wheels might be a bit much, but we’ll take the sports exhaust and lowered chassis, ta very much.

Unfortunately it’s not exactly… powerful. The Polo concept gets an 1.4-litre engine putting out a pitiful 85bhp, good for a 0-60mph time of around 12 seconds.

Come on, VW – this is a concept! What’s wrong with sticking a mental little turbo engine in there, just to whet our appetite? A mental little turbo engine putting out, say, 210bhp – because you’ll have to top that pesky 180bhp Ibiza Cupra – and promising Viggen-esque levels of torque steer. Even if you never build it, at least it’s something to get excited about.

Or what about a mid-engined Polo W12? Actually, that’s just daft. It’d never fit. In which case we’ll settle for a mid-engined Polo with the 6.0-litre V12 diesel from the Audi Q7. Fast and economical – what more could you want?

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