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Wörthersee GTI Treffen 2011: pics

  1. After scribbling about Audi’s one-off
    495bhp A1 show car
    , we noticed that it’d been launched at the legendary Wörthersee GTI Treffen in Austria.

    The lakeside car show - which is
    celebrating its 35th birthday this year - is where you’ll find the
    world’s best modified VWs, Audis and Skodas. And we thought you deserved a
    better look at some of the metal that’s showed up a day ahead of the event’s official opening tomorrow.

    Prepare yourself for extreme lowering,
    wildly expensive alloy wheels and young men with several haircuts on the same

    Thanks to Cult-Classic for the pics. 

  2. Beige MkI Golf looks infinitely better than it sounds.  

  3. Multi-coloured Jetta reminds us of the Polo Harlequin. Only bigger. And lower. 

  4. There’s something faintly perverse about lowering an R8. We approve. 

  5. How to make grandma’s Jetta look cool - add BBS wheels and lowness.

  6. Are we nerds for knowing that this bloke pinched his wheels from a Maybach? Probably.

  7. Buy shares in Audi TT sumps now!

  8. Split screen, satin black VW microbus looks sinister.

  9. We can think of better engines to detail, but massive respect to anyone willing to put in so much work to a humble Audi 50. 

  10. Is beige the new black?

  11. Golf MkIV borrows its wheels from a Lamborgini Gallardo. 

  12. Two words: speed bump.

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