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Walter Rohrl and the Porsche 904

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Having screamed alongside him all the way down the Col de Turini, Top Gear can happily attest that Walter Rohrl is one of the finest drivers ever to put foot to accelerator. Our fingernails are still wedged in the Quattro’s dashboard as visible proof.
Still not convinced of Walter’s superhuman skills? May we present for your delectation this tasty 207-second video of Herr Rohrl getting to grips with the delicious Porsche 904 GTS.
The 904 - in case you weren’t following GT racings too closely in the 1960s - is one of Porsche’s greatest-ever hits. A two-seat coupe built to homologate Porsche’s 1964 GT racing car, it was a fantastically futuristic design by the standards of the day.
It featured a two-litre flat four, described at the time as ‘the most complex four-cylinder ever’ and producing a meaty 200bhp. The 904 was the first Porsche built around a ladder chassis, to which its fibreglass body was bonded for added stiffness. It could hit 60mph in less than six seconds and, with the right gearing, would run all the way to 160mph.
The 904 cost just over $7,000 when new. A mint example would set you back a wee bit more now: just 106 road-going 904s were ever built.
Surely such rarity would convince even a driver of Rohrl’s indubitable might to take it a bit easy? Not a bit of it. Click the triangle-device below and prepare to feel inadequate. Oh, and keep an eye out for the super-short but super-cool bit of footwork at 0:55. Someone sign that boy up for Strictly Come Dancing… 

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