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Watch a NASCAR Mustang twin drift with an RTR Mustang

Video: Mustangs go wild at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

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Meet-the-family shindigs are usually awkward affairs; nervous thumbing of teacups, small talk, weird glances. It’s all a bit stuffy. Not so for NASCAR driver Joey Logano, who was welcomed into the Mustang family using the universal symbol of peace and love: twin drifts.

Yep, you know that Ford now makes a NASCAR Mustang. And to properly make sure this NASCAR Mustang is still a Mustang, Vaughn Gittin Jr rocked up in his supercharged 700bhp RTR demo car for a spot of sideways lunacy.

The venue? The Roval Infield at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. “I have never seen a driver from another racing discipline take to drifting like Joey did,” Gittin Jr explained. “After a bit of instruction he was linking turns and I was comfortable to get super close.”

And boy, do they get super close. An actual road-going ‘Stang joins in the fun at the end, too, because nothing says family like a three-way burnout.

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