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Want to show your love for Ruf with a watch?

After a team-up big enough to outnumber the Avengers, you can

Published: 12 Aug 2022

Opinions on cars are as diverse as the people holding them, but we’ve never heard of car fans not liking Ruf.  

After all, what’s to dislike? They’re already overengineered Porsches, just ones that are re-overengineered by Ruf. We’re talking about team that has the expertise to create something that makes the standard 911 look almost dull by comparison. And yet you get the feeling that what they create could only come from people who love the standard 911.

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There’s just one problem: Ruf’s cars aren’t exactly the most affordable things in the entire world. So you love Rufs, but can’t afford one.

For as long as we can remember, it’s been a ‘Welcome to the club – it’s a big one’ kind of situation, but some relief is at hand. You still have to pay money, of course – the world still is what it is – but you can get a Ruf-branded TAG Heuer Carrera (ah, see what they did there), thanks to Bamford Watch Department and Highsnobiety.

As is customary, you can’t collaborate without connecting the various companies with a lower-case ‘x’, so the watch’s official title is the Ruf x Bamford x Highsnobiety Tag Heuer Carrera. Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

And while we’re talking about rolling and tongues, the Ruf Carrera costs in the order of £7,000. Still too rich for your blood? Well, there’s always the Ruf varsity jacket...

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