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PopBangColour's art cars: a history

As Ian Cook paints a taxi with remote control cars, we look back at all of his projects

  1. PopBangColour is the brainchild of artist Ian Cook. He has a unique and rather astonishing take on the ‘art car’: he paints using radio-controlled cars, car tyres and toy car wheels, rather than, y’know, a paintbrush. Anyway, paintbrushes are so last century.

    His latest work of art is here - a London Taxi wrapped in his distinctive style. To commemorate this, we’ve compiled a list of his other notable wraps. Scroll down to see them, and tell us your favourite at the bottom.

  2. 2010: Chevrolet ‘SpART’

    Inspired by Chevrolet’s Touring Car programme, the spART (a Chevy Spark) featured standard issue Touring Car numbers on the rear windows. And a heck of a lot of paint.

  3. 2012: ‘BugARTi’ Veyron

    No prizes for guessing which car this is based on. Yep, Bugatti’s halo car was the canvas for Cook’s expertise. 

    It was created for the Wilton House Supercar Show, and featured classic Gulf Racing colours. Sadly, the wrap was removed in 2014.

  4. 2013: ‘Artventador’

    This one was wrapped for the Gumball Rally way back in 2013. Suitable, no?

  5. 2013: ‘ARTVWork’

    Based on a VW Golf GTI, this is the only car where paint was applied directly to the car (just check the windscreen) rather than a wrap. It survives today in Volkswagen’s vast collection.

  6. 2014: 'JaguART' F-Type

    This one’s a special car: it was painted to mark the first F-Types exported over to the USA, hence the stars and stripes.

  7. 2015: Morgan 3 'WheelArt'

    Quite frankly, one of the coolest creations Ian has, um, cooked up (sorry). The 3 Wheeler was used to drive to 2015’s Geneva motor show… and back again.

  8. 2015: ‘KiART’ Soul

    A Soul with… soul? Maybe. Silly wordplay aside, this one still survives to this day, and was first painted to mark the launch of the then-new Soul in 2015.

  9. 2015: 'LasARTools' E30 BMW 3 Series

    BMW has, of course, a long and noble history of delectable Art Cars. This E30 is a fine homage. (TBH, anything E30-based is good.)

    Now, tell us your dream car/paintjob combo for Ian to attempt for his next trick…

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