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These are some of the worst cars names ever

It's 'Name Your Car' day. Here are five of the worst...

  1. Datsun Cedric

    Named after the very pensioners that drove them, the Cedric sat alongside cars baring equally elderly monikers (Violet, Gloria and Sylvia) in Nissan’s sixties lineup.

  2. Toyota MR2

    Say each letter of the model name in French and it sounds like a very rude word. In French.

  3. Mazda LaPuta

    I mean, honestly? Odds are that the person who signed this model name/appalling Spanish swearword is no longer in Mazda’s employ.

  4. Ford Probe

    Very few people would choose to have a probe. Especially on their driveway. Even more especially if it had 24 valves.

  5. Growler E Concept

    What’s not already been said about this awful naming oversight (of a rather wonderful car)?

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