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Video: Last Corvette retrieved from sinkhole

Remember when the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky proved that nature hates sports cars? Turns out that since the disaster, where eight classic ‘Vettes were swallowed by a sinkhole, staff have been carefully retrieving the vehicles. And this is the last one to resurface.

The museum had to pull this 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 from the very bottom of the 18.2-metre hole, which formed under the Skydome building of the Museum eight weeks ago. Initially, the museum thought it’d disappeared into the depths, but some light archaeology on Monday revealed that was actually under some rocks, upside down.

And it looks a bit battered. A spokesman for the construction company removing the cars says; “It looks like the worst one… a lot of parts and pieces. It took a lot of punishment from a lot of big rocks.”

The car was donated to the museum last December by Kevin and Linda Helmintoller of Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Kevin travelled to Kentucky to witness the rescue operation. “I expected bad, but it’s 100 times worse. It looks like a piece of tin foil… and it had a roll cage in it. It makes all the other cars look like they’re brand new.”

Now watch. Wince. And donate.

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