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We want this Sealegs speedboat

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Chances are, you’ll have woken up one morning and thought to yourself ‘I should buy a boat’. But then reality bites - trailers, tow cars, lack of availability in terrifying military camo, that sort of thing. 

Luckily, a New Zealand company called Sealegs has come up with this. It mashes together a rigid inflatable boat, a sort of Reliant Robin-ish three-wheel SUV, and many, many awesomes.

It works like this. The two rear 25-inch tyres are powered by a 24hp, four-stoke air-cooled Honda v-twin, which is mounted under the center console. To steer it, you use the normal boat wheel, which is hooked up to a hydraulic system on the front wheel.

Once you’ve puttered to the beach and into the water, you hit a switch, and some marinised hydraulic cylinders raise the wheels, allowing you to speed off using a traditional outboard motor of your choice.

This, or Jeremy’s Toyboata?

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