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Happy New Year guessers of the internet! We’ve just been down to the secret Top Gear car park and filled its cavernous belly with the first car of the year. It’s a cracker but not one of those ones left over from Christmas.

If you’ve picked up the new issue of Top Gear magazine, you’ll know all about the amazing cars that we’ll be seeing in 2013. This may be one of them. It may not. But it’s up to you to call our bluff.

If you received The Internet for Christmas and have never played before, don’t fear. It’s easy as your ABC. All you have to do is…

1. Study this wantonly ambiguous image of a car

2. Guess what it is

3. Type down your answer in the handy box below

If you guess exactly what this car is (make, model and variant, please) we’ll reward you. What will we reward you with? Your screen name digitally emblazoned in BOLD and italics on this page of pixels.
We’ll begin with the shot above, but strategically upload a few more pics throughout the day/when we remember.

So what are you waiting for? Get guessing…

Congratulations mistervogel! It’s a Toyota Auris Hybrid. 

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