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Volvo’s design chief Christopher Benjamin is apparently a fan of the classic P1800. You know the one. Sir Wobbly-Eyebrow Moore drove a P1800 in The Saint.

Well, after having a chat with some people on an Internet called Twitter - and to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary - Mr Benjamin sketched out how he imagines a modern day P1800 would look.

And judging by the reaction garnered on Facebook, the Internet is lightly enamoured with it. But bear in mind this is the same Internet that enjoys the delights of a dog on a skateboard.

Volvo is very unlikely to put such a low volume coupe into production any time soon, but if - if - it ever did, we’d more than like to see it sporting the same engine and drivetrain as that fabulous C30 Polestar; the bonkers little 400bhp all-wheel-drive monster built by Volvo’s official Swedish race outfit.

TopGear drives the Volvo C30 Polestar

If you can remember, the Polestar C30 could hit 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds (possibly even faster) and lap Volvo’s test track quicker than a Mitsubishi Evo X. It also sounded like half an old F1 engine, and that is a Very Good Thing.

What does Top Gear’s Internet make of these sketches? And would you like to see a new P1800, or are you of the opinion it should be left alone? After all, Volvo left the P1800 literally unchanged for its entire production run. Wonder if Sir Roger would’ve preferred an Interceptor like his successor, Simon Dutton…

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