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Is this the world’s fastest Rolls Royce?

  1. Those weren’t typos. This old Roller has more than two THOUSAND horsepower. That’s more than a PAIR of Bugatti Veyrons. And we suspect it lacks what James describes as, “the dignity of its forebears and supremely languorous drive common to Rolls-Royces.”

    We are right. It does. Because 200mph comes in 6.9 seconds, it’ll do a quarter mile in 7.94 seconds and it’s powered by a 9.6-litre twin turbo V8. Oh, and it’s road legal.

    And its owner, Matthew Wright of WG racing, has shown us how he put it together…

  2. Buy a snotty old 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I with a 220bhp 6.2-litre V8 and 4775lb of leather-clad heft then throw most of it away. Now weld together a super-stiff spaceframe chassis so you’ve got something to bolt the remaining bodywork to.

  3. Give it a hardwearing coating. .

  4. Attach the original RR panels and bodywork you didn’t throw away.

  5. Now buy a 9.6-litre Chevrolet V8 with a Dart block, Dart heads, girder-strength con-rods, granite pistons, steel crank, super-squirty oil pump, custom camshaft and a pair of enormous 88m Holset turbochargers.

  6. Bolt to car.

  7. Admire your achievement. Have a cup of tea.

  8. Admire again, but from a different angle.

  9. Fit some uncomfortable chairs…

  10. …and a massive radiator

  11. Make everything look really pretty.

  12. Fit adjustable suspension, three-speed manual ‘box, heavy-duty rear end, gigantic driveshafts and aerospace-grade brakes. Get an MoT.

  13. Drive to Santa Pod drag strip and perform a massive, smoky burnout.

  14. Drive up the quarter mile at 7.94 seconds.

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