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You can have two Zagato specials for just £90k

Get this Alfa SZ and Autech Stelvio for 1.5% of the cost of Aston's Zagato twin-pack

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We’ve just been give a sneak preview of the new Aston Martin Zagato, which will come only as part of a £6million twin-pack that has taken the ‘exclusive, overpriced supercar’ baton and run so far with it, its rivals have all collapsed in a surfeit of hypoventilation attempting to keep up.

So as ever, we’re here to help with some proper consumer advice. Turns out you can have a Zagato twin-pack for around £90,000, aka 98.5% off, and significantly less than any standard Aston Martin currently on sale.

Of course, neither of them are Astons, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. Quite the contrary, we’d argue. What we have here are two of Zagato’s most iconic designs. If you like a bit of angular 1990s styling mated to the sonorous sound of an old V6, they’re pretty much flipping perfect.

In the red corner, we have the Alfa Romeo SZ, a car nicknamed ‘Il Mostro’ – the monster – because, well, you have eyes, don’t you? These eyes happen to think it looks fan-flipping-tastic, but with the caveat it’s bold, rather than beautiful. But what a design. Sports cars get no more striking without the contrived aid of a big spoiler and gullwing doors.

Beneath the skin it’s an Alfa Romeo 75, albeit with motorsport-derived components and a stonking great 3.0-litre V6 to ensure it’s not too much of a repmobile beneath the skin. Its 207bhp seems paltry nowadays, but a 152mph top speed and 7.0sec 0-62mph time ought to feel faster than they look when there’s so much noise.

In the grey corner, there’s a significantly lesser-spotted beast. It’s the Autech Zagato Stelvio, and if you struggled with the SZ’s styling, we suspect you’re being actively sick into your keyboard as we speak. There’s no denying it’s distinctive, though. Wondering where the wing mirrors have gone? Have a peek around the other side of those wild front fenders…

Like the SZ, there’s wonder beneath the skin. So while its platform is also shared with a rep saloon, that saloon is the impossibly exotic sounding Nissan Leopard, while its engine is a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 claiming the same 276bhp as another Nissan, a little known performance coupe called the ‘Skyline GT-R’. We’re not sure it’s appeared on the internet much, but this brutalist Zag can claim to be some sort of relative nonetheless.

The SZ is for sale at a UK classic car dealer for £51,995, while the Stelvio is listed on everyone’s favourite auction site in the US for $49,500.

So, a pair of Zagatos for less than a hundred grand, wearing Alfa Romeo and Stelvio badges, just collectively rather than on the same car. Confused?

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