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Peugeot 208 review

£20,135 - £28,120
Published: 13 Jun 2024


What is it like on the inside?

This is one of the 208’s major plays for your attention, but it’s a Marmite-y one too. As in, you’ll either adore it or despise it, not that it’s sticky and made of yeast.

Peugeot calls its small wheel, high-dials concept ‘iCockpit’ and it’s been around for almost a decade and a half now. It certainly affords the 208 a unique interior, but because taller drivers will have to set the seat far away from the steering wheel to avoid hitting their knees on it when it’s low enough to see the instrument cluster, it’s less of a crowd-pleaser and more of a design-minded buyer snarer.

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Our advice is to definitely try before you buy – and when you’re test driving it, make sure everyone who’s going to share the driver’s seat is as happy with the set-up as you are.

Does it feel cheaply made and, well, French?

Behave – the days of a French car feeling like it would splinter into its component pieces under the duress of a hard stare are thankfully behind us. And Peugeot really led the charge for Citroen, Renault and even supposedly-premium DS to follow, with its cabins rich in real metal switchgear and solid trim. Yes, the lower-down plastics feel tinnier, but they also deteriorate near the floor in an Audi A1. Or a Polo. Or a Mini. So no biggie.

Storage could be better, though. The under-armrest bin is narrow, so too are the door bins and because Peugeot can’t be bothered to move the fusebox for right-hand drive, the glovebox is indeed only big enough for a pair of toddler’s mittens.

And what about space for me, as opposed to my stuff?

Don’t be fooled by the five-door only shell. This isn’t a spacious supermini – rear legroom is very tight and the front seats are narrow, so won’t suit anyone of a bigger build. The boot’s spacious enough for the class at 311 litres, so it’ll swallow a couple of medium-size suitcases. Getting them in there is the challenge, because of the high loading lip.

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How’s the infotainment?

A bit laggy, still. And that’s a shame because you need to be on first-name terms with the interface to adjust the heating, airflow, media and settings. But at least there’s still a volume knob, and shortcut buttons for demisting the windows. Better than what you get in a Mercedes-Benz these days.

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