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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Alfa Romeo MiTo

Overall verdict
Italophiles will get some kicks here, but this is an average effort that is easily trumped for comparable money.


It’s an Alfa Romeo in the supermini segment


See above. Is this actually a good thing? A Mini eats it for breakfast


What is it?

A bold attempt to miniaturise whatever it is that makes an Alfa covetable, the MiTo brings Alfa’s desirability and sporting pedigree to the supermini segment. Or at least that’s what we’re meant to believe. The truth is that the MiTo is an odd-looking, compromised affair that makes precious little sense against the Mini, or even a highly optioned Fiat 500. Looking like an 8C Competizione that’s been captured by one of those Amazonian head-shrinking tribes you read about in old geography textbooks, it’s a classic example of a car you can be vaguely happy exists on the strict proviso that you don’t have to own one.